Why You Should Come Work For Us

Are you looking for healthcare shift work that is flexible enough to fit your schedule’s needs? Do you want the freedom to choose where you work and get paid on a regular weekly basis?

We want you to join our team at Staffing Solutions LTC! Once you fill out our easy job application online, we will contact you to see if you’re the right fit for Staffing Solutions and you will see just help mutually beneficial it can be to work with us.

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Freedom to choose shift

Once onboard, you will be able to choose which shifts you want to work from the comfort of your own home. Pick as many or as few shifts as you want to accommodate your schedule. We help staff all kinds of healthcare and nursing needs so that you have different options of facilities to work for and patients to help. 

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Reliable Regularly Scheduled Pay

One of the best bonuses about working for Staffing Solutions LTC is reliable weekly pay. Some healthcare facilities pay their employees every two week. However, Staffing Solutions LTC knows that accessibility to your wages is important to you, so we prioritize your needs. 

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Finding the Best Facility to Fit Your Skills

With the ability to choose where you can work and for how long, you can help supply much needed help to healthcare facilities that are experiencing understaffing issues. Once they are back up to their needed numbers, you can choose to stay or move on to another healthcare facility in need of workers.